Wednesday, 1 July 2009


…sarbatorim Ziua Canadei cu o delicioasa salata de vinete Romaneasca…

…cel mai important este sa prajesti vinetele afara pe BBQ-ul cu gaz sau carbuni ca sa ai o salata cu gustul acela specific de “afumat”…

4 vinete
1ardei(nu conteaza culoarea!)
1 ceapa
175 ml ulei de floara soarelui
2 linguri maioneza
Sare,piper,suc de lamiie

Se coc vinetele si 1ardei mai mare, pe BBQ (le-am copt pe ochiul de la bbq!)

Se lasa sa se raceasca.
Se curata,si se lasa sa se scurga bine.
Se toaca cu un cutit de plastic sau lemn.Ardeiul se taie cit mai marunt posibil .
Se pune ardeiul peste vinete si se mixeaza bine , pina devin cremoase.(nu folositi blender sau robot de bucatarie cu cutit-se taie semintele de la vinete si isi schimba gustul!)
Se adauga putin cite putin ulei.Se pune ceapa(rasa sau taiata foarte marunt!),sare,piper proaspat macinat si suc de lamiie dupa dupa gust.
Se adauga maioneza(mai mult sau mai putin dupa gust!)

Se poate servi ca:


-rosii umplute cu salata de vinete(tot aperitive!)

-ca dip, cu trunghiuri de tortilla prajita…rontaite in mijlocul naturii…

…we celebrate Canada Day with a delicious Romanian eggplant salad…

… the “must-do” for this recipe is char-roasting the eggplant in a gas or charcoal grill to get the smoky taste of eggplant salad….

1pepper (any color!)
1onion (finely chopped)
175 ml sun flower oil
2tablespoons mayonnaise
Salt, pepper, lemon juice

Put the eggplants and the pepper on the metal rack (or anything that can hold your eggplant over open flame!) and put them on a side burner of your BBQ or on a charcoal BBQ and cook until all the skin is charred and the eggplants are very soft.
Let it cool, until cool enough to handle.
When it is cool, remove the skin, and let them to drain very well. Remove the skin from pepper too, and chop very well.
Mash the soft flesh of eggplant with a blunt, thick wooden or plastic knife (using a metal knife will turn the eggplant flesh black), to slice and cut the long fibers of eggplant. Do this for a while, until there are no more fibers.
With a hand mixer, beat the eggplant and pepper until is beginning to move freely and is well blended. (do not use a blender or anything with cutting blades, as it will chop the seeds and change the taste!)
When your eggplant mixture looks well-mixed add small portions of sun flower oil, until you add all the oil. Add onion, salt, fresh ground pepper, and lemon juice to taste.
Add (if you like!) 2 (or more!) tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Suggestion to serve:
-tomatoes stuffed with eggplant salad (appetizer too!)
-dip, with toasted tortilla wedges…enjoyed a middle of nowhere

Pofta buna! Enjoy! Bon Appétit!


  1. You have always been beautiful photos.

  2. Ador vinetele sub orice forma; valabil si pozele tale!

  3. Thank you!
    …photography it’s a hobby! It allows me to bring what is beautiful around us…starting with simple things, like food …and finish with splendour of nature …

  4. Ce coincidenta, si eu vroiam sa fac azi!
    A ta arata tare bine! Te pup.

  5. How beautiful, dish.
    these tomatoes are delicious and beautiful photos, love.

  6. Carmen servus,
    salata de vinete a fost si este my all time favorite, uneori merge-n compozitie si-un catel micut de usturoi razuit.

    Iti multumesc mult pt premiu, sincer nu stiu ce trebuie sa fac pt ca sint noua in blogosfera. Trebuia sa scriu ceva, undeva? Sa dau click undeva si n-am facut-o? :)

    Acestea multe, fiind spuse iti doresc un w-end frumos.

  7. @Elisa
    ...sint sigura ca a ta e tare buna!Te pup!

    @Sabores de Aromas
    ...thank you...XOXO

  8. @AndreeaT
    ...daaa merge si cu viitoare am sa pun...
    ..."save picture as" le pui la tine pe blog(daca vrei!)si le oferi mai departe(tot daca vrei!)
    ...iti doresc si eu un weekend frumos(fara ploaie si cu mult soare!)Te pup!

  9. Instead of charcoal grill you can cook the eggplant in the oven and then use smoky salt for this special "smoky taste"

  10. @Anonymous
    …it’s a traditional way to cook eggplant on charcoal grill! ...good idea, specially now in winter time! Thank you!


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